Archers aim for triumph

Annual 3D shoot attracts 104 participants to 100 Mile House

Launa Cooper of Surrey

Launa Cooper of Surrey

The Bighorn Archery Club’s Indoor 3D Shoot was another rousing success this year.

The event, held March 18 and 19 at the Stan Halcro Arena and sponsored by A&W, attracted a record number of 104 participants from around the province, travelling from as far away as Vanderhoof, Osoyoos and Surrey.

“It went super well and it was very, very successful,” says denise swift, the secretary for the Bighorn Archery Club.

Swift says part of the rise in popularity may be due to movies like the Hunger Games and Brave that heavily feature archers

“It seems like with the movies now-a-days kids are more interested, so they’re trying to get their parents more involved with it,” she says.

Almost 30 of the participants in the event were children, ranging from under seven to 17.

The event is also known for its “creative” set up. Christmas trees, donated by Save-on-Foods and Timber Mart, as well as recycled from family homes, were set up around the arena giving the shoot a more realistic feel.

“You see the little added things that aren’t at other shoots, the little artistic types of expressions and the trees. All that stuff that gives it an outdoor feel,” says swift, adding that archers also had to avoid the odd Christmas ornament or two.

Archers could purchase a round for $5 and then kept score throughout the day. At the end of the day, archers would turn in their best score. Scores were counted and displayed the morning of the second day so archers could see what the competition was like in the many categories.

“You get to compare and see where you are and then you get to see how much you have to work harder to get higher,” says swift. “Some people are competitive and other people are competitive only with themselves.”

The targets are 3D models of different animals set up at different distances. Normal shoots provide paper targets on a board.

The Bighorn Archery Club will have two more shoots this year. The first, held the first weekend of June, encompasses both traditional and compound bows, while the second, held in July, will be traditional bows only.

The club practices once a week on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. at the Stan Halcro Arena. Swift encourages anyone interested to stop by. The group practices in the arena until the weather outside is nice enough to move to their outdoor range on Gibson Rd., usually around the start of May.




Master’s Men’s Longbow: Brock Paton (first), Allen Pickering (second), Ted Swift (third)

Adult Men’s Longbow: Aubrey Jackson (first), Dirk Dunkel (second), Allen Riley (third)

Master’s Men Recurve: Adrian Messner (first), Lorne Barron (second), John Gallant (third)

Adult Men’s Recurve: Fred Streleoff (first), Dan Mobbs (second), Ernie Schmid (third)


Master’s Ladies Longbow: denise swift (first), Deborah Smith (second)

Adult Ladies Longbow: Sharon Allan (first), Nikki Mobbs (second), Gina Myhill-Jones (third)

Master’s Ladies Recurve: Dori Dickerson (first), Judi Banas (second)

Adult Ladies Recurve: Cyndi Schwab (first), Trudy Foster (second), Stacy Wyssen (third)

Youth (14 to 17 years):

Youth Female Recurve: Nicole Varney (first), Kiara Pratt (second)

Youth Male Recurve: Morris Bob (first)

Junior (11 to 13 years):

Junior Female Longbow: Taylor Scovill (first)

Junior Male Longbow: Lucus Jackson (first), Dillon Hume (second)

Junior Female Recurve: Lexus Amut (first), Laney Bob (second)

Cubs (8 to 10 years):

Cubs Recurve: Taya Wyssen (first), Jose Duits (second)

Cubs Longbow: Jude Jackson (first)


Adult Men’s Primitive: Brandon Plewes (first)

Master’s Men’s Primitive: Ted Swift (first)



Open Master’s Male: Al Campsall (first)

Open Adult Male: Martin Sprecher (first)

Unlimited Master’s Male: Bruce Findlay (first)

Unlimited Adult Male: Tyler Parent(first), Lee Jackman (second), Tony Wyssen (third)


Open Adult Female: Jennifer Sprecher (first), Dora Sprecher (second)

Unlimited Adult Female: Rachel Blyth (first), Launa Cooper (second), Chanalle Dalpre (third)

Youth (14 to 17 years)

Open Youth Female: Jamine Carr (first)

Unlimited Youth Male: Dalton Carr (first), Wesley Silverton (second)

Junior (11 to 13 years)

Barebow Male: Braxton Wyssen (first)

Open Junior Male: Ty Thurow (first)

Unlimited Junior Female: Brityn Hinsche (first), Clair Blyth (second)

Unlimited Junior Male: Anthony Silverton (first), Kai Hilton (second)

Cub (8 to 10 years)

Cub Open: Joelle Thurow (first)

Cub Unlimited: Taryn Hinsche (first)

Tot (0 to 7 years)

Unlimited: Maxx Hilton, Isabella Grimmer