We have to look after our own health

To the editor:

I am writing regarding your front-page story, headlined Smoking CFL scares homeowners, in the May 11 edition of the Free Press.

Thalidomide, DDT, Urea Formaldehyde insulation, building codes, CFLs, genetically modified organisms are changing our world.

We have governments that don’t seem to give a hoot for our safety. Big business seems to be able to do as it pleases with the illusion of caring for us, but I believe that they care only for their bottom line.

I believe their research tells them that only a small number of consumers will say anything about bad products and stop buying them, so they’re willing to live with that.

You’re on your own.

The best you can do is research everything you use before you use it and spread the word.

One particular air freshener seems to be in everything today. Has there been any research to prove it is harmless?

Does it bother people with lung problems?

Is it natural for someone with weak lungs to have problems breathing when they walk through the cosmetic section of major department stores or go near certain air fresheners?

I don’t think so. I think the body still has the ability to tell us what we should avoid.

Will we find out, someday, that things like GMO foods (that make food-production cheaper) and chemicals in our air (that substitute for cleanliness) are causing widespread allergies, cancer or birth defects?

Time will tell, but the manufacturers and governments won’t.


Art Richards