Volunteer appreciation tea enjoyed

Parkside Art Gallery garden a wonderful transformation

To the editor:

I want to thank the Parkside Art Gallery Society for the Volunteer Appreciation Tea.

It was a wonderful way to thank the people who give of their time to make our community of 100 Mile House an interesting and beautiful place to live.

Also thank you Laurie Embree who did a great job co-ordinating the affair. It was a big undertaking for a first time event.

Those of us who attend were grateful for some of the details, such as the big white tent when we were sent for cover when several flash rains appeared. The table flowers and the tea goodies made a very nice impression.

Thank you to the local log home builders for the donation of two log benches so people can sit and enjoy the flower garden planted by the 100 Mile Garden Club. Thanks also to local garden nurseries and the 100 Mile House Lions Club for donating four trees, which will add much beauty to the art gallery’s little park in years to come.

Again, thanks go to Laurie and her helpers for a lovely tea and day of visiting.


Frances Reid

Garden club member