Vandalism can be stopped

It’s a sure sign of spring and the warmer temperatures at night, when it seems to draw the clowns outdoors to commit acts of vandalism under the darkness of night.

During the past two or three weeks, the Free Press police reports on page A11 have included reports of vandalism.

The reports we read are most likely the larger-scale acts of destroying somebody else’s private property that the local RCMP detachment wants to draw the public’s attention to.

Undoubtedly, there are many other smaller acts of vandalism that go unreported because the victim doesn’t want to get involved or is afraid of some mindless act of retaliation.

Well, folks, we believe this is the wrong attitude to take, as we all play a role in what does and does not go on in our community.

Some of the acts of civil disobedience, which are somewhat minor in nature and more of a nuisance than anything, don’t cost much to repair or replace.

However, 100 Mile House is currently going through a rash of tire-slashing and that is a heck of a lot more expensive than replacing a few plants or lawn ornaments.

It’s dangerous in the extreme because these “citizens” who are slashing tires are carrying around significantly dangerous weapons if they’re able cut through the rubber tires.

So, we’re sorry mom and/or dad, but if our youngsters are out late at night and starting to act a bit irrationally, they maybe crying out for help.

It’s well worth asking the questions to see if they have heard about their peers bragging about their night manoeuvres and whether they’re willing to provide some details.

If they do, mom or dad can pass those details on to the RCMP so they have an idea of whom they need to be watching.

The other part of the solution is keeping an eye on our neighbours’ properties to watch for acts of vandalism or suspicious group gatherings roaming the neighbourhood.

We need to learn to make it less enticing for roving hoodlums in our neighbourhoods and that means locking the doors and windows of our homes and vehicles.

We need to get involved and be part of the solution.