Trudeau showed lack of control and discipline

Is this the man we should have as Commander-in-Chief of Canada

To the editor:

It was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attempt to unduly restrain the Opposition parties’ democratic prerogatives that eventually prompted the altercation on the floor of the House of Commons on May 18.

While Trudeau was only exercising those powers Stephen Harper tenaciously and without conscience embedded in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) during his tenure, an apology is not an appropriate response for his conduct.

To allow himself to leave his chair in our Parliament, to enter a melee on the floor, not once but twice, was a clear demonstration that he does not have the discipline and self-control we take for granted in our acting Commander-in-Chief (CIC) of our armed forces.

His behaviour was that of a firecracker – unpredictable and completely irrational.

The Speaker of the House is responsible for conducting the affairs of the Legislature in an orderly fashion.

The Sergeant-at-Arms is responsible for the safety and orderly conduct of our members of Parliament.

The Prime Minister arbitrarily ignored the authority of these two officers, and allowed himself to become directly and physically involved.

It was a very disturbing exhibit of his lack of respect for protocol, and the safeties built into the Institution.

The discussion we are going to have about the incident should not be about procedures and apologies.

It should be about our Commander-in-Chief, and whether we are comfortable with him having his finger on the trigger that could take us into another war.

Andy Thomsen