Sunset in Lac La Hache (Monika Paterson photo)

Sunset in Lac La Hache (Monika Paterson photo)

Thrift store, ice cream shop open in Lac La Hache

Barbara Hansen’s column to the Free Press

The last month has been super exciting! Bingo has resumed at the community hall and it was wonderful to see all our old friends and meet some new folks. It appeared though that bits and pieces of our routine had been forgotten and missed. My greatest fear was: would I remember how to operate the till and accurately? (I did make the till beep in annoyance a few times LOL).

Has everyone noticed the new bingo sign on the community hall? It was purchased with the bequest from our dear friend, director and bingo enthusiast, Wendy Williams – something truly wonderful to remember you by Wendy, thank you for your generosity.

The thrift store opened for the season in April and has been extremely busy in sales and in receiving donations. One major thing to report is that interact is now available at the thrift store and has been welcomed by many shoppers. Stop in and check out all those treasures!

I mentioned several times that we were getting a speed sign through Lac La Hache – well I can finally report that work has commenced. So far one pole has gone up and now it is a waiting game on the electricians – a person just has to love the words “Cariboo time.” It will be completed whenever, so frustrating and annoying, but at least there are visible signs of progress.

The folks up here in these hills are happy – Spout Lake road has finally been graded. We are all looking forward to at least a couple of weeks of smooth sailing rides before the potholes reappear. One thing to note though is that several animals have gone missing up here and that is very concerning. Reports have been made of a truck cruising around trying to entice animals closer to the road, I would ask that we all take the time to be ever watchful for strange goings-on like that and report it.

Our community is loaded with talented folks – artists, photographers and musicians. Karaoke will be starting at the Red Crow once again – come on out and enjoy the music provided by Cheryl and Greg. It has not been established as a weekly event yet so stay tuned – the first one was Saturday, May 7 at 7:30 p.m.

Skookum Scoops is also starting up their season – the new schedule is Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12-5 p.m., effective May 13. Stop in and try some of those new and yummy ice cream flavors!

Pam’s Food Services continue to cook up a storm – some of her pizza subs and sandwiches are now available at Lac La Hache Food Mart.

There are a couple of new businesses to check out in the community.

Karlawade Nepraunig – Putty cats N’ Pups pet and house sitting contact 250-830-4958 and Suzanne McLean – Sue’s cut it out crafts – all sorts of key chains, signs and neat gift ideas.

Lastly, an event that everyone can attend – the OAPO will be celebrating 90 years in existence in our community on June 12 from 10-3 p.m. at the Pioneer senior center. There will be a barbecue with hamburgers and hot dogs, craft sale and an open house. For more info contact Judy at 250-706-2332.

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