Thomas: letter writer not watching polls

100 Mile House reader defends his letter against B.C. Liberal supporter

To the editor:

I’m responding to the letter, headlined There won’t be an NDP landslide victory, by Joe Sawchuk on page A9 in your March 27 paper.

Mr. Sawchuk has apparently not been watching the polls, which show the BC NDP well ahead of the BC Liberals.

Why would this be?

Maybe it’s because of the HST, an unfair tax that the B.C. Liberals foisted upon us, after lying about it, or how about the ongoing BC Rail scandal.

Perhaps it’s because of the $54 billion that BC Hydro now owes to private power projects. It’s not clear whether BC Hydro needs that power. BC Hydro’s debt is now huge and growing.

Maybe it has to do with the $560 million we paid for a new roof on BC Place Stadium, or any of the recent scandals, including the Pacific Carbon Trust, which takes millions of taxpayers’ money out of the public sector.

British Columbia’s government debt and financial obligations have grown enormously under the B.C. Liberals.

It’s time for a change.

Hugh Thomas

100 Mile House