Support people who are walking to bring awareness

Folks want a federal inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women

To the editor:

I am writing to request the assistance of people within the provinces and those along the route of the “The Walk for ALL Missing and Murdered 2015” to help initiate a national inquiry into “Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women” in Canada.

Most recently, I found myself in the company of some fine individuals. Brenda Osborne along with Althea Guiboche and their group of walkers that were recently in Edmonton, Alberta.

Their accommodations for the evening did not work out, so my brothers and friends were able to accommodate them. We also walked for them and gave them a much needed day off.

We also raised $1,692 at the local powwow for their journey into British Columbia.

I am asking your organization(s), all levels of government, civil servants, cities towns, First Nation, bands, chiefs, councils, members and citizens of both wonderful provinces to get involved.

I invite you to participate and call to attention the many murdered and missing women, men and children in this country.

The walk once known as the “Walk for Murdered and Missing Women” has now morphed and is aptly named the Walk for All Missing and Murdered Women, Men and Children.”

I ask you to write a letter to your MLA, your federal MPs, your mayors, your chiefs and councils and call to attention this important federal inquiry.

With that I need to also call to your attention the urgent needs of these humble courageous walkers, who are continuing on bandaged feet, some now on crutches as the 2,800-plus kilometre is taking a bone weary toll on the group.

I ask you to find favour and support to keep them, keep them warm, dry, fed and safe. Dedicate some of your time and resources to get these people to their end goal in a safe Canadian, Albertan and British Columbian manner.

If we want change in our communities and in our world, then we need to become that change.

Marcel Desjarlais

High Prairie, Alberta