Stephen Harper taken to task by reader

Canada's reputation suffering from P.M. trying to control the message

To the editor,

What is it about the prime minister that especially infuriates so many?

Is it Stephen Harper’s muzzling of scientists and his new limits on freedom of speech?

His obsession with controlling the message has verged on the Orwellian and has damaged both the health of Canada’s democracy and the country’s reputation abroad.

Is it the gagging of conservative MPs from debating and speaking their minds?

Some are rising up and challenging Mr. Harper’s restrictive leadership. Perhaps some are satisfied with simply being a follower and messenger for the Prime Minister’s Office. Perhaps Cathy McLeod falls under this category.

Maybe it was Mr. Harper’s banning all media coverage of fallen soldiers’ caskets and refusing to allow the lowering of our flag to half-mast; or spending $700,000 in court to avoid paying veterans the benefits due to them.

Bill C51 is causing irreversible harm to all Canadians, along with our uniquely fair and just Canadian Charter of Rights. The bill’s broad scope and terminology goes far beyond terrorism, allowing no inherent democratic right to speak; or to even send an e-mail without fear of retribution from a spy agency with no oversight.

Stephen Harper, you’ve been leading us to become a nation without vision; secrecy and information control has created more problems than ever existed.

Your message tactics ignore the painful realities that don’t fit with your narrative, such as climate-change science or the absence of any commitment to improving our declining public health-care system.

My fears are not corporate tax increases or the burka.

Speaking as a local volunteer for Bill Sundhu’s campaign, my vote for Bill and the NDP is a vote for progressive change.

Steve Monk

108 Mile Ranch