Some people didn’t like column

Readers believes non-native people lost connection with nature

To the editor:

Re: Petroleum panic a barge too far (B.C. Views, Oct. 20).

Tom Fletcher, as a Caucasian, cisgender, male, settler Canadian, you need to check your privilege.

At most, your family has been in what is now called British Columbia for less than 200 years.

In those 200 years, your people have successfully collapsed almost every fish stock on this coast and clear-cut old growth forests to the brink of annihilation.

For at least 13,500 years Indigenous people sustainably managed the natural resources of this coast.

How would we survive without fuel you ask?

The same we have for thousands of years by using traditional ecological knowledge, community, and human power.

How would your people survive without fuel?

They wouldn’t. You have lost all connection to the land and sea.

Your culture knows nothing but greed.

Ayla Brown

Bella Bella