Smart meter scare tactics without facts

Reader writes about debunking smart meter scare tactics with science

To the editor:

Why is it the tin-hat brigade get so much exposure in our newspapers, when the tiniest bit of scientific knowledge totally debunks their theories?

The current “smart meters are dangerous” scam is a prime example.

It has been shown, over and over, that it is impossible to live in a “microwave-free environment” in this day and age, even if you isolate yourself on the North or South Pole.

The emissions from a smart meter are minuscule compared to those you are exposed to by just being in an area with cell phone reception, for example. If you use any electricity, you are exposed.

[The letter from Una St. Clair of the Citizens for Safe Technology Society on page A9 of the Feb. 6 Free Press] has no facts to back up her assertions.

If you want to complain about smart meters, do it for the right reasons: that some of them have malfunctioned; that they prevent hydro being stolen for grow ops (affecting British Columbia’s main industry); and that they could make it possible for BC Hydro to know when you run your washing machine.

If you think Hydro is interested in your laundry habits, you have an even bigger problem than the tin-hatters.

I find the time-of-day billing annoying because I really don’t want to have to schedule my hydro use around graded rates, but I can live with it.