Simple solution to safer roads

Ministry of Transportation should cover the cost of sand and salt

To the editor:

Let’s talk road accidents.

Now, I know many people say just slow down, but if the person coming round the corner slides into me because of icy roads, it really doesn’t matter how fast I am travelling.

However, rather than just complain, I would like to offer a solution.

Sand and salt save lives, but there is a cost to highway maintenance contractor Interior Roads.

I suggest taking sand and salt out of the roads maintenance contract and have the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure provide and pay for these really essential items.

This is a win/win situation.

Interior Roads could apply enough sand to make the road safe at no additional cost.

Moreover, consider the cost of just one major accident, police, ambulance, fire, maybe helicopter, time in hospital, doctors, nurses, physiotherapy, perhaps long-term disability, not to mention the physical pain and tragic loss of life.

Even single-car accidents result in insurance claims to ICBC and we all know what is happening to our premiums. The money saved would be far greater than the cost of sand and salt.

There would be more savings as the contracts with all road companies would also reflect that they no longer have to buy the sand.

If this idea makes sense to you, please write to Transportation Minister Todd Stone and Cariboo-Chilcotin Donna Barnett.

Perhaps if enough people take the time to write, the politicians may listen!

Cecile Pratt

Horse Lake