Reader disgusted to hear about bear killings

People who leave their garbage out should be fined

To the editor:

I was disgusted to read of the recent bear killings.

What ever happened to trapping and relocating?

(Conservation Officer James) Zucchelli seems to be trigger happy. If you can shoot them, you can tranquilize them.

I have had bears on my property for years. They don’t come near my house, and when walking the property with my dogs if we come across one, they get yelled at by the dogs and go the other way.

On the other hand, why isn’t conservation or bylaw fining people who leave garbage out? Someone could have a full-time job.

We are living in the wildlife’s yard. They do not deserve to die because of careless people and conservation officers.

People, give your head a shake. Next time there is a bear in your yard eating garbage you left out, do not call the conservation office, clean your mess up and make a lot of noise to scare them off.

You are also murdering the bears.

T. Essler