Read doesn’t like Airport Road being tossed out

Birch Avenue from Aspen Street to Highway 97 should be Wrangler Way

To the editor:

Can someone please explain to me why we read in one edition of the 100 Mile House Free Press that the change in name from Airport Road to Wrangler Way still has to wait until all property owners affected are notified?

Then in the next edition, our Mayor [Mitch Campsall] has made a public announcement that it is now official.

To the best of my knowledge, not one of the hangar owners at the airport have been asked what they think.

Is this change really necessary?

Since the 1970s, all the 100 Mile Rep teams were proud to be called the Milers, and now they are called the Wranglers.

Another piece of 100 Mile history down the drain?

It seems ironic that while one group works very hard to preserve our history with their murals, another group is trying to obliterate it.

Here’s a suggestion: why not change the name of Birch Avenue from the junction of Aspen Street at the Sani-Dump around to Highway 97 to Wrangler Way?

We will not only be honouring our hockey team and the man who made it all possible, but we will preserve the historic Airport Road.

Seems like a win-win to me.

Dick Munro

100 Mile House