Put your faith in Mr. Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper taken to task on environment actions

To the editor:

It’s easy to be an environmentalist if your day-to-day life already includes clean water, quality food, comfortable accommodations, personal security, emotional support, income stability and manageable debt.

If your life doesn’t have these things, then environmental concerns are not likely to be on your radar. You’re probably more concerned about winning this week’s lottery.

Global warming is tomorrow’s problem anyway. With seven billion people living on this planet, what difference can one environmentally active person make anyway? Beside, the experts are arguing about how to interpret the latest scientific facts and figures, and furthermore, (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper’s government isn’t concerned about increasing Canada’s carbon emissions.

We should put our faith in Mr. Harper and forget about the environment. The future will take care of itself. It always has. Let’s just bury our heads in the sand – that would be the tar sands – and try to estimate how much of that crude oil money will actually filter down to the average Canadian like you and me. While you’re working out that slippery answer, I’m off to the corner store to buy a Lotto ticket.

Lloyd Atkins