COLUMN: Governments should modernize their processes, get with the times for 2020

Laura Jones is the chief strategic officer at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business

  • Jan 22, 2020

B.C. VIEWS: Few clouds on Horgan’s horizon

Horgan’s biggest challenge in the remainder of his term will be to keep the economy humming along

LETTER: Problems existed before Big Bar slide

As a response to the letter by Mel Arnold in the Jan.…

  • Jan 19, 2020
South Cariboo man rescues cat from tree
South Cariboo man rescues cat from tree
'This year is unlike any other': Trudeau delivers Canada day address
COVID-19 trends 'moving in the right direction': Trudeau

Who or what would you like to see on the new $5 bill?

Vanessa Shearer 100 Mile House “Not quite sure, someone who has done…

LETTER: Don’t joke about Alzheimer’s

To the editor, As this month is Alzheimer’s awareness month I would…

  • Jan 18, 2020

Continued splintering on the right

The weekly editorial for the 100 Mile Free Press

LETTER: Old enough to know what’s been lost in B.C. salmon

Stephen Hume writes about the lack of discussion on the province’s dwindling salmon population

  • Jan 16, 2020

OPINION: Horgan takes a pass on the Cariboo

Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett’s regular column for the 100 Mile Free Press

  • Jan 16, 2020

What do you enjoy doing during the winter months?

Celine Desaulniers 100 Mile House “I like to do volunteer work.” Frankie…

B.C. VIEWS: Finding hope for B.C.’s salmon

Is enough being done to save the iconic species?

LETTER: Snow clearing appreciated

A letter to the editor of the 100 Mile Free Press

  • Jan 10, 2020

From the Cariboo to Windsor

I escaped the Cariboo for what I would call a rather tropical…

LETTER: Fraser river salmon passage must be restored

A letter to the editor of the 100 Mile Free Press

  • Jan 9, 2020

EDITORIAL: Timbit cereal seems like a mistake

The weekly editorial for the 100 Mile Free Press

COLUMN: Something fishy about B.C.’s ever-punctual New Year’s babies

Long odds that babies would be delivered so regularly within first minutes of midnight on Jan. 1

B.C. VIEWS: Magnetic interest in latest property prices

In recent years, property owners have pored over assessments much more closely

What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

Alanna Hartley 100 Mile House “Our new grocery store [FreshCo] opening.” Jane…

B.C. VIEWS: A toast to civil debate in the new year

Not only is name calling juvenile, it is unproductive

Diaries of a City Kid: The Holidays

As the weather gets colder and darker for longer, I get grouchier.…

EDITORIAL: As 2019 comes to a close, it’s best to look ahead

The weekly editorial for the 100 Mile Free Press