Outrageous property tax increases for pool

Reader believes pool not affordable in current economic times

To the editor:

I don’t begrudge paying a reasonable amount of tax for recreation; however, there is a point where taxation becomes a bit ridiculous.

The multi-million-dollar pool complex being proposed by the South Cariboo Aquatic Society would create an estimated $15.1-million debt and property owners will have to shoulder the majority of that debt if approved.

The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) has indicated it will increase property taxes by $135 per $100,000 of the assessed property value.

It’s an easy calculation!

If your property is assessed at $200,000 it will add $270 in tax the first year; $400,000.00 adds $540 more tax; and if you own a $600,000 property, it will add another $810 to your tax bill.

Businesses could face $1,000 to $10,000 tax increases, and landlords will pass that cost on to renters.

While a pool may be on a buyers like/want list, employment opportunities, property prices, reasonable property taxes, and security of investment will likely be a higher priority.

Without industry, job creation and development, this area will continue to be depressed economically, and jacking up property taxes by 20-25 per cent to pay for a multi-million-dollar pool won’t help matters for property owners or for real estate markets.

People on fixed incomes already have enough problems maintaining their homes and a sense of independence without the CRD and District of 100 Mile House burdening them further with an outrageous property tax increase.


Larry Badke

100 Mile House