Older drivers

respect older drivers

In the not too distant future, I will be 80 years old (sooner than I care to admit), then I’m putting a fluorescent yellow O on the back of my car; it’ll stand for “Older driver.”

I might add a couple of S’s, Surprised (because I am an) Older Senior.

If I’m driving the speed limit and observing all the road-safety laws, then leave me alone.

Please don’t ride my bumper because I’m not going 90 in an 80 km/h speed zone. Respect my right to drive the roads in a lawful manner.

But, if you see me driving erratically or driving without due care and attention, then let the RCMP know because then I am a hazard.

I will probably fight the lack of independence. Let’s face it; just knowing that the car is in the driveway gives a person a sense of freedom.

Lack of freedom is a small price to pay if my driving is a danger to others or myself.

My wish for all drivers, no matter what their age, is safe and respectful driving.

Special wishes go to a charming young lady, Alora Pettman who turned 11 on Oct. 3.