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For a little while now, my son has been walking. However, it’s only been the last few weeks that he’s been doing it as his main mode of getting around. Meaning that now, a few weeks in, he’s really starting to zoom around.

He’s always been a big fan of recycling. Luckily there won’t really be any for him to grab for a bit as I just took it to the Lac la Hache refuse station today.

When the recycling is full enough that the lid doesn’t quite close, though, he’ll go straight for the beverage cans every single time. Like any kid, it only takes having your eyes off of him for a few seconds.

In truth, he already seems a little obsessed with being an adult between his obsession with cans and his propensity for putting anything that looks remotely like a cell phone (primarily remotes) to his ear follow by some incomprehensible jibber-jabber followed by the word “bye” before he slams it down.

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Using remotes as cellphones is something that’s mostly cute and harmless, although it’s a bit too early to jump on the technology bandwagon. This is especially true because we don’t have any TV remotes, leaving him just the AC remote, which we’ve never used.

His fondness for cans is a different matter. Aside from it being a little gross to play with things from the recycling (he gets sticky enough all on his own), there’s a realistic concern that he could cut himself on either the sharp opening or the can lid. Granted on the scale of grievous injuries he could obtain (such as touching a hot fireplace in the winter) this is relatively minor.

However, the real menace is when he combines this favourite activity, with his favourite room. You’ll put him down next to you and flip the laundry or dinner and before you know it, he’s stuffed multiple empty cans in the toilet. Of course, we have two baby gates, but he’s known how to open those since before he could walk, even if he hasn’t always had the strength for it.

Oh well, I guess that’s still preferable to him sticking his toothbrush in the (cold) fireplace ash. I guess ash and charcoal toothpaste are a thing though.

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