Bernd Hedtfeld of the New Apostolic Church. (Fiona Grisswell photo - 100 Mile Free Press)

Mankind offered ‘restart’ during Christmas season

A Christmas letter from the New Apostolic Church

I remember the time I went to school and started a new notebook. I told myself that I wanted to keep it neat and clean, and not as messy as the old one! Sadly, after the third page, I was back to my old habits.

Due to man’s disobedience, a change took place in the relationship between humankind and God. As the Bible states, humans were separated from His presence. This separation wasn’t intended by God but was a consequence of man’s behaviour. God, however, offered mankind a start-over at Christmas when He sent His Son. Christ opened through His teachings and His merit a way that we could once again be close to God. Of course, this is an offer by God which needs our response.

This Christmas season provides an opportunity once again to review our own worldviews and opinions. After all, we live in a time when we are exposed to an uninterrupted flow of information. At times, certain information can form our opinions that may not actually reflect our true nature. As human beings, we can choose to change our thoughts to reflect our true nature.

We also have the option to change our behaviour towards others. Christmas is a good time to reconnect with loved ones, old friends, or former acquaintances. Why not take the opportunity to call an old friend, send a Christmas card to a distant family member, or even take the opportunity to reconnect with someone whom we distanced ourselves from due to an argument? We might not even remember what the argument was about. It’s not what is done to us, but how we react to someone’s behavior towards us that transforms relationships.

Have you ever experienced that you blundered in a relationship but your friend still chose to stick with you? Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? Of course, our offer of reconciliation might not always be accepted, but isn’t it worth a try?

As God offered mankind a restart at Christmas, we also can restart our relationship with God today. Many people today feel alone even though humans are more connected than ever through technology and social media. Yet there is a lack of personal connection in today’s world. Churches provide a wonderful opportunity to foster a close relationship with God as well as fellowship with like-minded people.

I hope you are more successful to break old habits and opinions, to restart relationships with your neighbour and God than me starting that new notebook…

Have a peaceful Christmas season with your loved ones and a blessed and prosperous New Year.

100 Mile House