Mainstream sidelining climate change opponents

Letter to the Editor

To the editor,

The sound of silence like cancer grows. Speaking out against the mainstream has become most difficult in recent years as well as violent.

Having recently participated in a telephone town hall meeting, it became all too apparent very early on which direction this meeting was turning.

I participated by asking my question regarding climate change, having some hope it might make the airwaves.

I also answered the questions raised in their poll. My question, however, did not align with the direction and position of the official participants.

The questions chosen supported the climate change movement, I do not. My call was taken by a telephone operator and screened for obvious reasons. The question was, how much CO2 is in the air globally, and how much of the global CO2 produced is Canada’s contribution?

We have lived in this area since 1976 and have seen wide variations in weather patterns, the weather is always changing and always will.

Loving this planet on which we live and praising the Creator of it, I realize we must be good stewards of the earth, to protect and nurture it.

Everyone of us has this responsibility and I take offence at those proposing this climate action plan.

It is a tax grab, it supports those jet setting to conferences while some of the biggest proponents to climate change have the highest carbon footprint and are getting filthy rich doing so.

The answer for those who are interested in factual scientific truth; the CO2 in the air globally is .04 per cent (400 parts per million) and Canada’s contribution is 2 per cent of the total global output.

The scientists who are speaking out against the authoritarian mainstream, (left-wing media, academia and Hollywood) are not being published or heard.

The few experts that manage to speak at engagements against the climate action plan are being harassed and disrupted.

They publish their finding on the internet or speak at small private functions.

It is incumbent that each one of us thinks for ourselves and does our own research.

Do not be led astray by the mainstream. Tremendous amounts of information are available, for example; submarines have an allowable (11,000 parts per million) of CO2. Large greenhouses generally pump CO2 into the greenhouses to make the plants grow faster at an allowable rate (1,500 parts per million).

Inside greenhouses, when the sun comes out, plants grow vigorously and they will absorb at least ½ the CO2 available.

With the abolition of fossil fuel, job losses will increase.

We are witnessing a greater threat through this global agenda, just as Hitler and his socialist party rallied Germany, especially its youth, so also the climate action plan engages the gullible.

Stephanie Klausat

Timothy Lake

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