Letter writing campaign favoured

To the editor:

I know you have had many letters about the land swap at Bridge Lake between Julian Kenney and the British Columbia government and most people think it doesn’t involve them, as they don’t live at Bridge Lake.

Well, all British Columbians should be up in arms. This swap was initiated by Mr. Kenney with the government, and if approved, it will set a precedent.

Is all of our Crown land up for sale? Where will it stop?

Are all of our parks up for grabs? Is our government going to slowly sell off our heritage?

People of B.C. should be mad and very wary. Remember we were told BC Rail wasn’t for sale and then poof it was gone.

Is that going to happen to all our Crown land?

I imagine all developers are going to be lining up at the doors of the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations for cheap development land. Yes cheap judging by the price that was put on the 18 hectares by the government agent.

Remember this isn’t just Crown land prime waterfront property that was designated Crown reserve land in 1946.

It seems politicians in those days were more aware of the value of preserving park land for future generations.

All concerned citizens of B.C. should write or call their MLAs and let them know they are concerned. Otherwise, their representative will think it’s OK because they haven’t heard anything about it.

The power of the pen is just as powerful as it ever was and one vote does make a difference.


Maureen Van Gool

Bridge Lake