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LETTER: Where do you stand on the key issues Lorne Doerkson?

An open letter to Cariboo-Chilcotin MLA Lorne Doerkson
Lorne Doerkson, MLA for Cariboo-Chilcotin, has switched to the Conservative Party of B.C., leaving B.C. United. The move gives the Conservative Party of B.C. three MLAs, all first elected as B.C. Liberals, all representing suburban and rural ridings outside of Metro Vancouver. (Misha Mustaqeem/100 Mile Press)


An open letter to Lorne Doerkson, MLA for the Cariboo Chilcotin

On May 25th the Conservative Party of BC held General Meetings in Williams Lake and 100 Mile House, where the voting public got an opportunity to discuss and ask questions on matters that concern us.

You weren’t there, Mr. Doerkson.

On May 30th you announced your decision to jump the sinking Liberal ship and join the winning team.

The Constitution of the Conservative Party of BC states that the Party is founded on and will be guided by the following principles:

  1. Good government. … smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government to afford the greatest amount of freedom with the least amount of taxation.
  2. Individual liberty and freedom.
  3. Social responsibility. A belief in a strong social safety net that cares for the vulnerable in our society while encouraging individual self-sufficiency.
  4. Free-enterprise economy, with the right to private property.

Please confirm that you sincerely and wholeheartedly commit to upholding these key principles.

Cariboo–Chilcotin voters would also like to know your position on the following key issues:

  • Strengthening our economy, including the resource sector and agriculture.
  • “Climate change” and natural disaster management.
  • Carbon tax.
  • UNDRIP and NDP’s proposed amendments to the Land Act.
  • Approach to addressing drug addiction and the opioid crisis.
  • SOGI123.
  • Fixing our healthcare system.
  • Re-hiring of healthcare professionals fired for refusing the “COVID vaccine”.
  • Vaccine and mask mandates.

Our Conservative movement is not about photo ops, Mr. Doerkson, nor is it about showing up at community events to shake hands and take selfies. It’s about forming a government that speaks to and for the people. We are seeking a guarantee that, as a sitting Conservative MLA for the Cariboo–Chilcotin riding and if elected to continue as our MLA on October 19, your first and foremost task and goal will be to listen to, and to truly represent, the people of this riding.

Tell us where you stand Mr. Doerkson, by responding with an open letter of your own. 

And rest assured, Mr. Doerkson: we will hold you accountable for your answers.

Nathalie Abramovich

Conservative Party of BC member