Lend your helping hand

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the South Cariboo

Volunteers are the heart and the soul of every community across the country.

This is definitely true in the South Cariboo and our volunteers deserve a pat on the back and a heartfelt thank-you for everything they do.

Without volunteerism, we wouldn’t have the quality of lifestyles we enjoy in the South Cariboo.

Volunteers strengthen our communities and make the South Cariboo vibrant.

Today, our volunteers are involved in more ways than ever before as they fill the gaps in the social safety net caused by government cutbacks in funding and services.

If the volunteers weren’t there to help, our social structure and everything that makes our communities so valuable would likely come to an end.

In today’s edition, we featured the South Cariboo Search and Rescue Society, which searches for lost people, rescues folks who get in trouble in the backcountry and, generally, saves lives.

They train hard, often at their own expense, and are there when we need them most.

The same can be said for the volunteer fire departments – firefighters and first responders. They train hard and are often the first on the scene at a fire, medical callout or motor-vehicle incident.

These people are there for us when mere minutes can make a huge difference.

There are many more volunteers out there in our community who may not be putting their lives on the line to help their friends and neighbours, but they work hard.

They, too, are difference makers in their communities.

They are the coaches, managers and officials of the various youth sporting groups – whether it’s hockey, soccer, softball, archery, athletics, rowing or any other group you can think of that would be dead in the water without their volunteers.

They are the folks who sit on various committees to overlook services, fundraising and organizations that make sure people who cannot help themselves are being looked after.

These are the volunteers who give of their time unselfishly to make life better for children, women, men, families and seniors who need a helping hand enjoy their lives a little bit more every day.

Every day, South Cariboo residents lend a hand to their friends and neighbours, and many of them don’t realize that in doing so, they are volunteering

Simply said, these folks are difference makers and they are always looking for help, so we should be asking the big question – “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Become a difference maker, you’ll be glad you did.