Hug a mom

Mothers – we wouldn’t be here without them.

May 8 is Mothers Day, and it’s a day for wonderfully scribbled cards, homemade gifts, luxurious baskets of goodies, flowers, messy breakfasts in bed and memories in the making.

Some mothers are not birth mothers; they are the step moms, foster moms and women who represent what you feel defines a mother.

Mother’s Day is for acknowledging the love that is always there, and says thank-you for the best that they could do at the time with what they had.

Moms don’t come with instructions and sometimes they mess up.

Maybe it is the day to remember the mother who is no longer with us.

However you celebrate this day, celebrate it with love for the mother figure in your world.

Pick up the phone or drive to see her. It’s nice to have cards and flowers, but I believe the greatest gift we can give our mothers is our time.