Harper selling out Canada

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Tories giving Canada's resources away

To the editor

The way I see it, a very long time ago the Mongolians came to this country from what we now call China.

They came by way of the Bering Strait, which at that time, was a solid bridge of land. They had found a beautiful and abundant land, settled here, and eventually became the native aboriginals of North America.

Then the Europeans arrived on the scene and decided to claim the land for themselves. They took all the most desirable and productive areas and settled in for a long stay.

There was such an abundance of resources to make money from that they decided it was a right of the people to make as much money from these resources as anyone possibly could. They called this “capitalism.”

So, the rich got as rich as they could, as fast as they could. However, when some people got smart (I have no idea where these folks came from) and pointed out that the resources were finite and “capitalism” had some rather large flaws, the rich decided it was time to cut and run.

The best money-making deal they could get came from the original ancestors of the people they had stolen the land from – so, what the heck, they took it.

Now the land is back in the hands of some rich Chinese folks and the circle is complete.

Perfect! At least that’s the way I need to look at it in order to not be quite so depressed by (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper’s “sell out” of our beautiful Canada.




Laurie Embree

108 Mile Ranch