Harper making poor choices

Prime Minister Harper losing control of his cabinet and DND

To the editor:

Oh my goodness, our micromanaging Prime Minister Stephen Harper got smacked in the face by an ultra-expensive F-35 jet lemon.

Rather than paying attention to billion-dollar military expenditures, Harper prefers to nickel-and-dime future seniors out of their pensions, draw up prison plans for mentally challenged criminals, and threaten environmental pipeline protesters.

Meanwhile the ‘unsupervised’ boys in our defence department have been making plans (apparently behind his government’s back, or so the story goes) to max out the Canadian taxpayers’ credit card on pie-in-the-sky military toys.

I wonder if Peter MacKay, infamous for commandeering a Canada Search and Rescue helicopter for personal use, has been so excited about getting a chance to ride in a jet fighter that he forgot he was supposed to be the Minister of National Defence.

It will be interesting to see how much more embarrassment Harper, the Conservative Ottawa Don, will put up with before he whacks a few of his bungling ministers.


Lloyd Atkins