Grandparents pleased grandchildren can attend BLES

Bourassa: ‘Our children deserve the best and what is rightfully theirs’

To the editor:

My husband and I, with our three grandchildren, excitedly looked forward to moving to Bridge Lake.

Some of our excitement was short lived when I inquired about registering the children in the Bridge Lake Elementary School (BLES). There was disappointment after being informed BLES would be closing due to lack of proper education and social skills not being provided to students.

I enrolled the children into Horse Lake Elementary School (HLES) with the belief this was my only choice. HLES is a great school, but the children being very young were starting to have difficulty with getting up so early and the longer bus ride – they were becoming tired.

To our surprise, we read an article in the 100 Mile House Free Press to find out a decision had not even been made on the closure of BLES.

A petition to keep the school open came to our attention. I started to question this because I was under the impression that the school would not be remaining open at the end of this school year.

When I found out that the information I had been given was not correct, I requested the children to have their schools switched immediately following the holidays.

I am happy to say the children will now be able to sleep an hour longer and have a shorter bus ride with great social skills and education in the BLES after being approved to start after the holidays. At this time, there is still the question if the school is being closed, even though the majority of community members support it remaining open.

I would not agree with a closure due to cost to keep it open. Young children should never be made to travel long distances for an education. It is hard on their systems and they are unable to fully learn when tired.

I would encourage parents to not shy away from moving to the area or registering their children in the school, and not believe what they are being told. Our children deserve the best and what is rightfully theirs.


Lawna Bourassa

Bridge Lake