Good samaritan saves weekend trip

Hauls bike, couple into 100 Mile House for bike repairs

To the editor:

I would like to give a huge shout out thank-you to Travis Weber who out of absolutely nowhere on June 3 showed up when we were in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire on our motorcycle.

Travis almost single handily lifted the bike on to his flatbed, tied it down and drove us more than 70 kilometres into 100 Mile House so we could get it repaired.

Travis, you made us remember what humanity is all about. We would have been stuck forever there without you.

We had an angel in our pocket that day, and Travis, that angel was you! Thank you also to the ladies and gents at 100 Mile House Performance All Terrain & Rentals for the great and fast work on the bike so we could be on our way.

Our faith in humanity was restored. Thank you!

Cindy Karpiak