Gifts well meant but destroyed

Donors are asked to bring donations in when office is open

To the editor:

I am an employee at Cedar Crest Society and this letter is for all the generous people who leave their donations at the Cedar Crest Thrift Store when we are not open.

Please use your “wildest” grotesque imagination and that is what we all face some mornings.

In my heart, I realize some of the things people do is because they are not well.

With that said, on one of my most recent shifts, I had a greeting that brought me to tears.

My fellow co-workers equipped me with a mask, gloves, brushes, buckets of Mr. Clean and words of encouragement.

I dove in. After it was all cleaned up, they gave me a cup of coffee and some time to myself.

What wonderful people I am privileged to work with.

Most of all though, we thank you for all your donations and support, but please keep your donations until we are open and I promise in return you will receive a smile and a thank-you.


Jody Malm

Sheridan Lake