Frigid temperatures usher in 2022

Barbara Hansen’s column in the 100 Mile Free Press

A cold evening mid-December on Lac La Hache. (Dawn Dewing photo - submitted).

A cold evening mid-December on Lac La Hache. (Dawn Dewing photo - submitted).

Happy New Year everyone – I sincerely hope you enjoyed the holiday season and you are staying warm, healthy and safe!

The New Year blew in on a frigid blast of air. For the past few days, I have been looking back at memories and messages on my Facebook account: they were all about cancelling bingo on Jan. 6, 2015 and Jan. 7, 2016 for the same reason – bad winter driving conditions and extreme cold.

Now we know we are in the same place weather-wise as many years past. I am personally happy that this cold snap is just about over – it’s a full-time job keeping the woodstove going, loading the pellet stove and keeping the driveways plowed.

December just seemed to fly by – the arena opened up for the season and held several free public skate afternoon sessions. It was all very exciting and even Santa came out for a good skate and returned the next week to visit with more children who came out.

Mt Timothy ski hill opened for the season Dec. 17 and from what I have seen and heard it was a very special and busy weekend. I find it strange that people would enjoy getting out in that cold weather to have fun – I just don’t like winter!

The Lac La Hache Volunteer Fire Department was also kept busy in December – getting the hampers organized and delivered to families in need and attending to a vehicle fire on Dunsmuir Road mid-month. Fire Chief Terry Murphy advised that the fire department had received a donation of 10 pedal bikes in various sizes to distribute as special gifts to those in need. Now how special is that?

I have seen many posts where people are sharing little extras they have and of people not being too proud to ask for help if they need it. Our community is very caring in many ways and I am very proud to be a part of it.

Pam King, of Pam’s Food Services, was kept busy all month, making all her special goodies, catering and delivering hot lunches to the elementary school for the students to enjoy. Pam and her gals had a very busy Christmas day – they cooked a huge Christmas dinner and had over 50 orders for dinners go out the door. That was very kind of you, Pam, to take on all that work, not many people could do that. After taking a short break, Pam is now hard at it again – this time cooking a special Ukrainian Christmas dinner – way to go Pam!

Pete’s Home Style Cooking also kept very busy cooking up their special daily menus and doing some catering. They are currently closed but will reopen later in January or sometime in February, depending of course on the weather.

It seems like I have been mentioning those speed signs for quite a while but now it is official. Grants from the Cariboo Regional District and ICBC have been secured and are in place. Dawson Road Maintenance has committed to donate time and manpower to install the posts and the solar-powered signs – watch for them going up within a six-week time frame.

The Community Club is planning on holding its next meeting on Jan. 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the community hall. Everyone is welcome to attend – COVID rules will apply so please wear a mask.

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