Fiona Grisswell

Fiona Grisswell

Fresh Perspectives: Lone Butte residents ‘pure gold’

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A long and windy comment on the place I call home.

During this summer’s wildfires, there were a lot of stories circulating on social media. Some ugly ones like cretins scoping out homes left empty due to evacuation. I will not get started on what I think of those who would take advantage of such a situation for their own gain. But so many more stories were filled with compassion and looking out for one another.

Growing up in a small Alberta town, I suppose I took for granted that feeling of knowing your neighbours had your back. We had redneck down to a science, there were squabbles from time to time, it was far from perfect. But for all that, when it came to crunch time, you knew you could depend on each other.

Since then, I’ve lived all over B.C. and the Prairie provinces and have experienced firsthand that this is not always the case. So, when I got the itch to move a few years back I came to realize I was looking for that feeling of community. Time and a series of circumstances eventually brought me down this way and I was hooked.

I moved to Lone Butte just before the pandemic hit. The beauty of the area strikes me anew each morning as I look out on the lake I refer to as ‘my lake’ when talking with friends and family. I haven’t met as many people as you normally would when in a new community but those I have met are pure gold.

Watching the response of everyone over the past summer just reinforces my decision to move here and reminds me of why I fell in love with the area in the first place.

Blessed to call Lone Butte home.

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