Former BCWF director irked by deer shooting

Longtime hunting advocate angered and disappointed with deer shooter's ethics

I’m writing regarding the story, headlined Deer shot near house angers resident, in your Sept. 19 issue of the 100 Mile House Free Press.

As I am about to enjoy my 66th year of hunting, I am angered and disappointed in the story of Sept. 19. If this individual knew the years of effort, by so many people, put into trying to educate hunters in the ethics of hunting, I hope he would be suitably ashamed.

Hunting has been a family tradition since time began. The fact we are living in closer quarters to out neighbours has to be respected.

Even when my family had 1,000 acres, people still came by the farmhouse to ask permission and to make sure no one else was hunting down there.

Every time a hunter breaks the rules, there is another lobby against hunting. It gives all of us responsible hunters a bad name.

I, as a hunter, apologize for the bad behaviour of the shooter, (I refuse to call him a hunter as he does not deserve the title.)

He has no idea how he has set our hard work back, as people have worked long and hard to protect our responsible and dedicated privilege to hunt.


Jeanne McCartney

Lone Butte