Morning sunrise in Lac La Hache (Dawn Dewing photo - submitted).

Morning sunrise in Lac La Hache (Dawn Dewing photo - submitted).

Events starting up at Cariboo Pioneer Centre

Lee Hansen’s weekly column to the Free Press

It seems like October has just zipped right by – still had lots of nice weather with a few days that were not so nice! Golly, on a couple of days it was so windy, it’s a wonder that our power was not out more often. The trend now will be hit and miss – rain and snow showers in the forecast and the odd nice day here and there.

I can’t help but feel so proud of the super kind-hearted lady we have here in Lac La Hache. Every day I hear of more great things that Pam King of Pam’s Food Services is doing or just has done. Not only is fundraising ongoing for the Christmas hamper campaign till the end of November ($793 has been raised so far) but Pam did a special fundraiser on Thanksgiving for Stemete7uw’i Friendship Centre – a whole whack of turkey dinners left her shop. The end result was amazing – $1,273. It is difficult to prepare one super great dinner, never mind a bunch. Absolutely awesome work Pam and gals!

Thursday was quite the day for Pam. Not only did she supply a nutritious lunch for the students at the elementary school but she also cooked up a huge pot of soup and supplied the needy with a bowl of soup and a bun, all personally delivered. This service she will keep doing as long as the demand is there.

Pete’s House Home Style Cooking is also making changes and improvements – they have erected a huge sign at their location, a person really can’t miss it! Working hours have been amended, a new winter menu has been designed and Interact, Visa and MasterCard have been made available for their customers.

Events are slowly starting back up at the Cariboo Pioneer Centre – the garage sale held on Oct. 16 was a huge success and the spaghetti lunch was thoroughly enjoyed! A few of the regular events have also started up: Gale Ogden has exercise classes on Tuesdays and the TOPS group meets on Thursdays.

The next event scheduled is the Craft and Bazaar sale on Saturday. Nov. 27 from 10-3 p.m. Seems to me I read that there will be a light lunch also. For more info on the craft fair contact Judy at 250-396-7298 or cell 250-706-2332.

On Remembrance Day, the Lac La Hache Volunteer fire department will be lining the highway on both sides by the Racetrac gas station starting at 10: 30 a.m.

After much discussion with the Oldtimers hockey league, it was decided that the Rolf Zeis Memorial Arena will be getting the ice in by the end of November. The arena will be running for a shorter season this year and the prep work has already started. Thanks go out to George Lee for his dedication in getting things up and running.

Not exactly sure why there were extra crews in town doing some survey work around the gas station – we are all surmising that it would be to do with the spring run of flooding/drainage on Felker Road. It is great to see that a bit of catch-up work was done – the grader was also on-site doing some repairs at the entrance to the Rangeland Motel, paving was done on Caverly Road and last year’s plugged culvert by my driveway removed.

If I had one wish it would be that the grader comes and visits up on Spout Lake Road to fix all the potholes that have surfaced again – what an ongoing problem it is!

In closing, the Lac La Hache Thrift Store would like to thank everyone for all the support you gave us during the season. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again next year, have a safe and good winter!

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