Cummins taken to task on choice of words

BC Conservative leader chastised for choice of words in Prosperity Mine comment

To the editor:

As BC Conservative Party Leader John Cummins was in Williams Lake recently, I can’t help but comment on a rather irresponsible remark he made concerning a single group having veto power over the proposed mine at Fish Lake.

Mr. Cummins knows full well that this is not the case. Veto power by definition only applies to power granted senates, or presidents of republic states. I think he needs to re-think his language, as his use of this word is not only misleading, but also inflammatory.

I don’t know how many times the fact of the matter has to be repeated, but I will do so again for the sake of peace, and so anyone who cares has the facts. In the case of the proposed mine at Fish Lake, full consultation with First Nations is not only morally necessary, but full consultation is now, as it has been from the beginning, required by the courts of the land.

While so many people have gone off in a tangent, valuable time has been wasted, relations have been strained, and for what?

Dave Lidgerwood

Okanagan Falls