Carbon tax increase April 1

I recommend everyone take the opportunity to fill up your gas tank before the Horgan government hikes the carbon tax again on April 1.

This will be the second consecutive increases to the carbon tax since the NDP formed government just 19 months ago, with promises of at least two more.

By eliminating the ‘revenue neutral’ aspect of the carbon tax (i.e. no increase to the carbon tax without a corresponding decrease in income tax) the NDP found a whole new source of revenue that would be phased in gradually so that most people wouldn’t notice. At least that’s what Horgan hoped.

The fact is more and more people are beginning to notice every time they fill up at the pump, pay to heat their home, or even buy groceries.

The carbon tax applies to all types of fuel, from natural gas to diesel, so even trucks delivering produce to the grocery store are captured by the tax. In the end, consumers and average taxpayers end up footing the bill.

John Horgan wants you to believe he needs the money to fight climate change. This is a pile of baloney.

Less than 15 per cent of the carbon tax goes toward climate change. The remaining 85 per cent of carbon tax goes directly into general revenue to pay for the NDP’s massive increase in government spending.

Horgan will also say his carbon tax increases are necessary to comply with federal government requirements.

This too is hogwash. The battle lines have only grown wider between Ottawa and the provinces over the whole issue of carbon tax.

The carbon tax increases are projected to raise an additional $2.35 billion from tax payer’s back pocket. All before the next election is held.

By that time, the average person may have had enough of being nickel and dimed by Premier Horgan.

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