Can’t they raise their snowplow blades?

To the editor:

Today, as I arrived at my home on Red Creek Road after an absence of approximately three weeks, I found the entrance to my driveway blocked by a snow berm about five feet high.

This obstacle is way beyond my physical abilities to even be attempted for removal by hand.

This same debacle, along with damaged snake fences, has happened now for the past two decades, and I for one, am at an advanced age, and finally have had enough of this.

We are being asked, nay, ordered, to pay hefty property taxes, when for up to five months out of a calendar year, we cannot access our home, because of some uncaring road contractors.

What would happen, if the services of an ambulance, fire department, or any other emergencies requiring access would arise?

What happens when a property owner like me wants to return to his or her house, and is being prevented to do so by a wall of hard snow?

This would then become a liability question.

Are we not entitled to our access, a service that is entrenched in our property taxes?

Are we expected to pay a private contractor for the removal of a snow berm left behind by the ever-so-careless Interior Roads service (or disservice)?

To whom am I sending the bill for extra lodging and extra snow removal?

I am very much looking forward to your response to this.


Gary Lauchli

Canim Lake