Canada needs to shed colonial status

Court rulings in favour of First Nations are unfair

To the editor:

The visit by the British Royalty was a subtle reminder of our Colonial status, and the many challenges we face as a nation to become a free and democratic society.

Our Colonial style of government is constantly butting heads with our basic human rights to have governments that represent all the people fairly in our legislatures, and changing the electoral system is just the first in many steps toward that reality.

The many challenges facing our society include bringing resolution to the native claims for lands, resources and compensations, balanced with the credits and recognition to the people who made Canada what it is today.

The one-sided rulings by the courts and the billions of dollars governments have awarded the First Nations defies fairness and common sense, and have one thing in common – none of them have provided closure to anything.

Without closure, the wall between the Canadian natives and the rest of Canada will only get bigger, and it will continue to force them to live in poverty, while feelings of resentment between the two groups is increasing.

Trying to control people’s emotions with legislation, and to define those sentiments as crimes – of hatred – is about as bizarre as it can get.

It’s a clear violation of our basic human rights to freedom of thought and freedom of expression.

Millions of Canadians are being painted like criminals, and our politicians and the courts have been busy laying one guilt trip on them after another for atrocities they could not possibly have taken any part in.

It’s time to focus on the individuals and groups who committed those crimes and challenge them in the courts to make restitution.

To penalize Canadian taxpayers and to mine their pockets to the tune of literally billions of dollars every year is nothing less than a crime in itself and that has to stop.

Other challenges include reforming the Senate and our justice system.

With electoral reform as the first stop, the train of change has left the station.

Andy Thomsen