Best soccer here

U15 B Cup soccer championships

100 Mile House will just be kicking all this week.

The 100 Mile House & District Soccer Association are hosts to the U15 B Cup Provincial championships.

There are 16 teams (including two host squads) competing in the provincials travelling from all areas of British Columbia, the teens and their parents will be staying in the town for the event. I’ve been told there may be up to 1,000 people here during the event.

Teams and officials arrived in our fair town today (July 6) and games are scheduled to start tomorrow with each team one game a daily with the finals happening on July 10.

There will be concessions open at the soccer park for the entire tournament; the association will offer a variety of snacks and drinks; and the Knights of Columbus will hold hotdog/hamburger sales, and pancake breakfast.

Show up to watch a game or two.