BCGEU claims off base

Reader does not agree with rationale behind BCGEU leadership claims on how the government can earn extra income

To the editor:

To some degree, I understand some of the reasons why the BCGEU is on strike.

Others I do not agree with, but that is not the purpose of my letter. What I do question is the rationale behind how the BCGEU leadership claims the government can earn extra revenue to pay for their demands.

One suggested method is to open all liquor stores on Sundays; therefore, increasing revenue by a whopping 11 per cent.

Just because your store is open longer does not directly correlate to an increase in revenue. It’s basic business planning 101.

This same theory would suggest that if all stores in 100 Mile House that are now open Monday to Friday all of a sudden opened Saturday and Sunday, they would see an increase in revenue by 28.5 per cent. It’s ludicrous to think such a theory would hold true.

What will happen is those who previously purchased their goods during regular hours would now have the option of purchasing on Sunday and, therefore, decrease revenues on some days and deferred to Sundays.

There would be a marginal increase in revenue due to availability, but to suggest $100 million increase based on current $906 million revenues is questionable at best.

I’d suggest that business plan would not go too far with most economists.


Walter Bramsleven

100 Mile House