BC 2012 budget irresponsible

B.C. Liberals failing to invest in community care for seniors

To the editor:

Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has told British Columbians his 2012 budget is “responsible” and “prudent.”

As a result, residents of this province are faced with an austerity agenda not seen since 1983.

When governments fail to invest in public services that save money and reduce long-term cost drivers, they are, in fact, being irresponsible and imprudent.

For example, home- and community-care services, such as home support to improve the quality of care for seniors and keep them out of expensive and inappropriate hospital beds.

A couple of weeks ago, the provincial ombudsperson released her report on seniors’ care in British Columbia, providing the government with 176 recommendations that, if implemented, would save money and lives.

Unfortunately, there is little evidence in this year’s budget to indicate the B.C. Liberal government plans to act on the ombudsperson’s recommendations.

Today’s seniors and future generations will bear the cost of this inaction.


Alice Edge, co-chair

BC Health Coalition