Barnett not getting the job done

Liberals won’t be re-elected so the “top of the list” means little

To the editor:

The new Seniors Minister, Ralph Sultan, [Minister of State for Seniors – Lib MLA] states in the October 24th issue of the 100 Mile Free Press, that MLA Barnett gets up in Caucus and makes a point repeatedly. Is anybody listening? Apparently not.

She’s not getting the job done. Sultan noted that 100 Mile House didn’t make the initial project list for part of the $16 million promised to 18 other communities. He said he missed 100 Mile, yet he has worked in close quarters with Barnett in Victoria for more than 3 years.

So for three years and five months she has been making a point, yet 100 Mile is overlooked. 

Sultan states that 100 Mile is now at the top of the next list. He can promise council pretty much anything, but the Liberals won’t be re-elected so his “top of the list” means little.



Lac La Hache, B.C.