108 Mile Ranch resident disputes CRD facts

Gellein blames lake level decline on golf course pump house

To the editor:

0.0872 mg/L (milligrams per litre) is the quantity of manganese in the 108 drinking water, according to the Cariboo Regional District) chemical analysis for 2010.

Manganese has been found to help prevent diabetes, prevents muscle nerve disorders and promotes fertility and male potency. We require five mg/L daily to maintain good health.

108 property owners were mailed (at our expense) a promotional advertisement previous to the Feb. 27 referendum vote and within the voting period by the CRD. This advertising influenced the outcome of the vote results, and in my opinion, was false advertising as it contained many errors.

The CRD stated high concentrations of manganese were plugging the service lines reducing pressure, creating sludge, staining fixtures and laundry and causes an undesirable taste.

I live at the 108 and experienced no staining, good pressure, excellent tasting water and clean laundry.

This CRD promotion also stated the new groundwater well will help reduce lake level declines. If the lakes are leaking into the aquifer, then we are drinking water from Sepa Lake, which likely has bacteria in it.

The microbiological monitoring at four 108 locations are zero quantity for coliform and E.coli bacteria. This reading indicated the lakes are not leaking into the aquifer.

Reducing lake level decline is simple – remove the golf course pump house.

In this letter, the CRD informed property owners that our water system must be chlorinated.

Chlorine causes colon cancer. Chlorine is also acidic, which changes the ph and is corrosive to water pipes.

The new water supply (north shore) level has been declining for years and is monitored by the Ministry of Environment. Pumping from this depleting aquifer will likely encourage the 108 aquifer to flow into it through a known connection, and may also drain 108 Lake.

The pictures show sludge in the water pipes, which is most likely total dissolved solids and is 748 mg/L.

The increase in tax burden on the 108 residents will prevent any other projects (100 Mile Aquatic Centre) from being approved, which affects all residents in the South Cariboo.

James E. Gellein

108 Mile Ranch