100 Mile needs to have a dialysis machine

People have to travel too far for kidney treatment

To the editor:

On behalf of Mr. Wix, a patient traveling three times a week to Williams Lake for dialysis treatment, I have been promoting the need for a dialysis machine in 100 Mile House for almost a year.

MLA Donna Barnett asked for a dialysis machine be included as part of our hospital in 100 Mile in the 1990’s, but it was denied due to lack of funds in the health budget.


Interior Health stated it would not happen as the number of patients in our area needing treatment was not sufficient.

This is due to the fact that over the years patients needing treatment, have travelled to Williams Lake (two hours there and back) three times a week for a four-hour treatment each day.

Being stressed out and dealing with the disease as well as the travel, patients are forced to sell and move to a larger community where their treatment was closer to home. If they were able to stay in the community of their choice, namely the 100 Mile House area, over the years, the number would be more than sufficient.

So, once again, Mr. Wix, a dialysis patient, has been forced to put his home up for sale and move back to the coast.

The stress of travel, especially in the winter on snow and icy treacherous roads with temperatures at times dipping to -35 C have made this his only option.

Mr. and Mrs Wix will be living in Abbotsford where Mr. Wix will be receiving treatment at a clinic, not a hospital, in Clearbrook, seven minutes away from home.

On another note: Williams Lake, when first treating kidney patients with Dialysis, was located at the Gold’s Gym.

Has a clinic ever been considered for 100 Mile if the hospital was out of the question? Patients, forced to move, will never bring the “numbers” up in our area!

Thank you for your time, concern and compassion regarding this matter.

Donna Brown

Lone Butte