Water park something cool to do

Group seeks support for Centennial Park splashdown

The final round of online voting is underway for potential Aviva funding toward a water park for 100 Mile House.

The deadline is Nov. 26 to help them secure this funding at www.avivacommunityfund.org.

Organizer Jamie Hughes says the campaign began with a penny drive last spring that raised $1,325, and has expanded to a group of volunteers working toward a local water park.

“We have a beautiful small community but we are lacking in activities for our youth.”

More fundraising and applying for grant applications are now underway, she notes, as cost estimates are $90,000-$400,000.

Hughes says a water park would provide hours of fun for local families with children, and bring more business into the community.

Close to 1,000 children aged two-12 now attend 100 Mile House schools and daycares, she adds, not accounting for babies under age two and other children.

“It would bring tourists into the core of downtown to get to the water park.”

The community would also be more appealing to professionals, such as doctors with young families, Hughes explains.

Current residents would buy local lunches for enjoying a hot, summer day in the park, she says, rather than driving to another town for something “cool” to do.

Upcoming bake sales and raffles will be held at 108 Mall and Cariboo Mall on Dec. 15, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Folks can also donate at Williams Lake & District Credit Union, referencing account #498451-100 Mile Waterpark.

Hughes notes folks could bring in their rolled pennies, which cease to be in circulation on Feb. 4.

The Gold Trail Recycling depot also accepts donations, she adds, urging people to bring in their empties to “cash them in for the kids.”

The water park didn’t make the first or second round of Aviva voting, so Nov. 26 is the last chance for that funding, Hughes explains.

“Residents and friends of 100 Mile House, please go to the link daily and vote for the 100 Mile water park.”