CRD map.

CRD map.

The evacuation order has been lifted for one property in the Gotchen Lake area

The Cariboo Regional District gave the all clear Tuesday morning.

The evacuation order previously issued for one property in the Gotchen Lake area has been lifted.

The Cariboo Regional District said in an email that an alert or order could be reissued if wildfire activity increases.

For now though, the CRD has given the all clear to return to this area.

The CRD is asking that people continue to stay out of fire affected areas and obey warning and hazard signs for their own safety.

“For rural properties that have been impacted by wildfire, residents should be aware there may be danger trees in wildfire affected areas.”

The CRD recommends owners of impacted areas to contact an insurance agency to arrange an assessment by a qualified arborist.

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