Stock image of handicap parking sign on road. (Pixabay photo)

Stock image of handicap parking sign on road. (Pixabay photo)

Support group continues weekly meetings

Meetings open to all women with disabilities and caregivers

100 Mile House will continue receiving additional support for women with disabilities.

The Pacific DAWN (Disabled Women’s Network) “Let’s Chat” group at the Stemete7uw’i Friendship Centre will be hosting another series of meetings, starting up on Nov. 13.

According to Terry Tyab, the chair of Pacific Dawn and the group meeting facilitator, the meetings went over very well. She said the public seemed very eager to participate.

“One of the big things we help with is violence against women with disabilities,” said Tyab. “We like to have someone from Victim Services and a female police officer come and talk to our groups about violence against women and help with basic self-defence. It helps with low self-esteem. A lot of women with disabilities feel that they’re lucky they’ve got someone, even though they’re being abused.”

On Wednesdays, the group will meet inside the Stemete7uw’i Friendship Centre at 2 p.m. Tyab said the meetings will generally run for about six weeks.

The upcoming meeting will focus on the wildfires of 2017 and how that has affected people and their communities.

“Each meeting will include handouts that contain information related to the topics we discuss,” said Tyab.

Tyab said the group is for not only disabled women but caregivers as well.

For more information, visit or call 778-412-9622.

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