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Sprinklers, safety bags available

South Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department hosting drive-thru events

South Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department firefighters and officers conducted two wildfire practices in July.

The first practice saw them setting up sprinkler lines around the Green Lake Snowmobile Clubhouse and on the boulevard on the shoreline side of Green Lake South Road. The sprinkler lines went up smoothly and they had water flowing quickly.

The firefighters got passing grades from Acting Fire Chief Roger Graham and safety officer Steve Baker.

The second practice involved a mock callout to Access Road #14. The response time was excellent. As soon as the firefighters and apparatus arrived on the scene, the firefighters quickly set up yard sprinkler lines as well as rooftop sprinklers on the home and garage at the end of the cul-de-sac.

Everyone was kept busy setting up sprinkler lines from the equipment that was stored in the new wildfire trailer.

The trailer also carried portable pumps to draw water from Green Lake to feed the sprinklers that were providing a steady and strong flow of water to create a moisture barrier that would stop a wildfire from spreading from the bush to the buildings on the property.

This practice was significantly more sophisticated than the first one, and everyone did their jobs flawlessly.

If a spot fire popped up in the South Green Lake community, local firefighters would have a good chance at stopping or significantly slowing the spread.

Sprinklers available

South Green lake full- and part-time residents who signed up to purchase sprinklers from the SGLVFD will be able to pick them up at the fire hall on July 31 from 1-3 p.m.

Firefighters and officers worked hard to build all of the sprinklers, but they were hampered by a shortage of parts. It is hoped the needed parts will arrive in time for firefighters to complete the orders.

Residents are asked to have their cheques ready when they pick up their sprinklers during the drive-thru event at the fire hall (546 Green Lake South Rd.) on July 31 between 1-3 p.m.

Safety bags and detectors

The second round of a drive-thru pickup event for a safe home safety bag, with combined smoke and CO alarms, will be held at the fire hall on July 31 from 1 to 3 p.m.

The South Green Lake community’s full- and part-time residents were given this gift thanks to the Fire Chiefs Association, Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) and the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

The South Green Lake Volunteer Fire Department was the recipient of hundreds of combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to give to South Green Lake full- and part-time residents who don’t have hard-wired alarms in their homes and cabins.

However, it wasn’t just smoke and CO alarms the SGLVFD received.

It also received reusable bags from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District full of home fire safety information as part of the giveaway package.

Residents are asked to have their names, lot numbers, phone numbers and e-mail addresses ready when they pick up their safety bags.

Residents are asked to drive safely when they come into the parking lot to pick up alarms and fire safety information because there will also be residents coming in to pick up their sprinklers.

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