South Cariboo Food Security Committee suggest donation options

Empathetic approach to supporting vulnerable families at yuletide, throughout year

  • Dec. 3, 2015 6:00 a.m.

By Rita Giesbrecht

The South Cariboo Food Security Committee (SCFSC) member organizations do some of the most rewarding work there is to do.

Gladly, and with a sense of privilege, all the organizations involved in offering services to families in difficult times are here to act as a conduit for the profound generosity and kindness that is the heart of our South Cariboo community.

In doing so, we gain insights into the lives of those who are helped, and wish to share those insights with the helpers and donors who are so generous each year.

All the helping organizations believe and uphold, that every person has self-worth and should be treated equitably, with dignity, and be accorded choice, by individuals and organizations. We recognize the need to ask for help will come upon each of us at one time or another in our lives.

To make the communities’ support even more meaningful, we will consider the following in our time of holiday support:

renaming offerings to “baskets or gifts”;

aligning gifts of support with healthy, nutritious food choices, and staples for year-long use;

consult with families about their specific needs for support;

give gifts that provide options; such as gift cards, gift certificates, Chamber Bucks, Share-a-Meal tickets; and

provide support equitably, at the same time tailor support to a family’s specific needs.

To support this approach to helping each other, the organizations of the SCFSC ask South Cariboo communities to consider in their giving, to give the gifts of choice, equity, and dignity.

This can be done in partnership with the supporting organizations in three ways:

Consider cash donations that can be used for holiday occasions, and throughout the year, and can be used to support the specific needs of families. It might be for help with the hydro bill, so a family can make a Christmas of their own.

Consider donating Chamber Bucks. This supports a family and a local business, which supports the entire community. Please call the South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce at 250-395-6124 to purchase Chamber Bucks.

Consider support for a number of families, rather than targeted support for an individual family.

Please join us in this effort to provide an even more respectful, joyous, holiday season for our entire community.

Rita Giesbrecht is the vice-chair of the South Cariboo Food Security Committee.