Solid waste review moving forward with second phase

Al Richmond

Al Richmond

The Cariboo Regional District’s (CRD) Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee is working on the second stage of a report dealing with solid-waste issues identified by regional district residents.

In 2010, stage 1 of the Solid Waste Management Review was completed during which a public survey and efficiency review of the current waste and recycling systems were completed.

The purpose of the stage 1 report was to fully understand and quantify the CRD’s existing system and gather input from the public on its level of satisfaction with the existing system. This also allowed the CRD to identify where it should be focusing future resources to further improve service delivery and make the program more sustainable.

The stage 2 report will outline proposed changes to solid-waste services and their associated costs.

Providing recycling options for residents topped the list. Other items that were popular on the list included: centralized composting; user pay versus taxation for service funding; providing attendants for sites; promotion and education; illegal dumping strategies; and wood-waste management strategies.

Once the stage 2 report is completed, the advisory committee will review the findings and help develop future options for service scenarios and consultation material.

A public consultation campaign will follow to provide information to the public and gain feedback from residents on all options for new programs and services for reducing and managing waste.

To help gauge this process, a survey will be developed and available for residents to indicate their preferences. The feedback will be used to help guide future decisions about new programs and services.

“We realize the value and importance of public consultation and encourage residents to attend the Solid Waste Management Review meeting in their area,” says CRD chair Al Richmond.

“By utilizing the feedback we receive from the consultation process, we will be able to ensure we design a solid waste management plan that meets the needs of our residents now and in future years.”

Dates and times for open houses and refuse site visits will be announced once they have been confirmed.

For the complete list of the stage 2 contents and for more information on the status of the CRD’s Solid Waste Management Review, visit or contact the environmental services department at 250-392-3351 or toll free at 1-800-665-1636.